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Info about purchasing a yearbook, senior portraits, senior baby photos

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Parents of Seniors:
Include a lasting memory in your senior’s yearbook for all to see.


1 photo and 24 words = $35
3 photos and 36 words (1/4 page)= $55

Getting your photos ready—
Your picture can either be a standard photo print or it may be submitted to us digitally on a CD or USB drive.
Sorry, but we can't accept submissions via email.

If you are scanning your photo to a CD/USB drive
: The larger the size of the photo, the better the resolution will be when scanned. We scan our photos at 1800dpi before cropping/resizing. For best results, try to keep the scan at least 400dpi. Save as a TIFF, rather than JPG, for highest image quality. If you are forwarding the photo to us to scan, the larger the image of the original photo, the better the quality.

How to submit your photo(s) and payment—
All photo prints will be returned, so be sure to clearly print your return address on the order form (link below).
You may hand-deliver or mail the photo/message with your payment (check or money order) to Mr. Bledsoe at AGHS.
You can leave the photos with the administration office receptionist, Saegan Anderson, and she will forward them.

Baby photos must be received on or before Friday, December 6, 2019 in order to meet the yearbook deadline.

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Mailing Address:
Chris Bledsoe, Yearbook Advisor
Arroyo Grande High School
495 Valley Rd.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420